Paparazzi News! DMJ & CSY Sunday Dating Scenes

My Love From Another Star (continuum)

–NEW UPDATE: 5/12/14–

Recently it’s been leaked out to the public that Do Min Joon had promised to take Cheon Song Yi out on a date every Sunday.  Since then, the Paparazzi has been on the look out on Sundays to spot what DMJ & CSY will be doing with their time together.  Please continue to follow every Sunday (possibly post Monday) to see what adventure will this hot-and-heavy-in-love couple will do next.

This Sunday is a camp fire date night. SY and MJ were caught in a romantic setting… MJ was serenading SY with the song “promise” and she seems to enjoy it very much… The couple spends their time together heartwarmingly and the paparazzi could feel love was in the air ❤️ (thanks Thao as always)


Because both paparazzi was overloaded with life unexpected problems last week and busy keeping up with the latest news of DVD BTS and…

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